The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers (2013)

  • Documentary, JIFF
  • 1h 55m

Narrated in part by Christoph Waltz and Michael Douglas, The Prime Ministers provides rarely shown archival footage from Israel’s founding days… [and] behind the scenes details of wars and US relations.

This revealing documentary takes us deep into the innercircle of some of Israel’s most revered and, sometimes, reviled prime ministers — each one tasked with guiding the nation through turbulent, challenging and inspiring chapters of Israel’s history. Relive the tension and drama of some of the state’s most historically decisive moments: 1967’s Six Day War, the Yom Kippur War of 1973, and the Camp David and Oslo Accords. The Prime Ministers is Israeli government as seen through the eyes of former speechwriter and Ambassador Yehuda Avner, based on his best-selling and astounding eyewitness memoir.


Richard Trank




United States