The Old Man Movie (2020)

  • Genre, Animation, Comedy, FFFA
  • 1h 28m

Dropped at a decrepit barn full of crazed animals, three city kids quickly learn about country life, hard work, and their grandpa’s prominence as a local hero providing milk to the town. Soon, disaster strikes as the over-milked prized cow disappears. The family has 24 hours to find the cow before other ill-intentioned characters, including a milky villain, hipsters, a horny tree and a giant bear, lay claim to her. An outlandish race is on through the rolling, milk-stained Estonian countryside to stop the ‘Lactopocalypse’.

A stop-motion, crazed Shaun the Sheep-style spirit fuels the absurdity that directors Oskar Lehemaa and Mikk Mägi have been refining for the last decade. This is their epic first feature, and its lowbrow surrealism takes animated comedy on a wonderfully insane journey: jump on board for a laugh-filled ride and jaw-dropping madness.


Estonian (English subtitles)