Super Furball (2018)

  • Children’s, CHIFF, Family
  • 1h 26m

Emilia is a child of divorce from Helsinki. She goes to school, lives with her Mom and sometimes her Dad, and her life couldn’t be more ordinary. But one day, Emilia’s pet guinea pig bites her finger, giving her the secret ability to transform into a furry superhero, who can fly and solve problems. Meanwhile the herrings in the nearby Baltic Sea bay are screaming for help, because their water has been poisoned. As Super Furball, Emilia decides to help them and finds ways to be more courageous in her own life. Based on Paula Noronen’s popular children’s books, Super Furball is a magical and inspiring story of courage and friendship that reminds us that superheroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Recommended for age 8+.


Joona Tena