Orange People (2013)

  • Drama, JIFF
  • 1h 30m

Winner of the Jury Prize at the Women’s Film Festival in Rehovot in 2013. Orange People is an insight into the vibrant cultural life of ancient and modern Moroccan culture – with a touch of the culinary and supernatural. Grandma Zohara occupies a special role within the Moroccan community in Israel. By holding an object belonging to her by her clients, she can access a family’s past through her dreams. With her insights she advises people who come to her.

But Grandma Zohara is ready to retire. And she discovers that her daughter, Simone, also has the same power in her dreaming. Simone, however, has ambitions other than taking over her mother’s role as community mystic.

A film celebrating Israeli-Moroccan culture, female relationships and the quirks in every family, no matter how bizarre.