Harbour of Hope (2011)

  • Documentary, JIFF
  • 1h 16m

This heartbreaking yet life-affirming documentary tells the life stories of Irene Krausz-Fainman, Ewa Kabacinska Jansson and Joe Rozenberg who, in 1945, were among the 30,000 survivors that were rescued from German concentration camps and brought to the peaceful harbor town of Malmö, Sweden where their lives began again.

Through rare archival material the film shows ten-year-old Irene taking her first, shaky steps toward freedom as she arrives in Malmö. We see newborn Ewa being carried from the boat by her Polish mother. And we meet Josef “Joe” Rozenberg, who came to Malmö as a lone young boy after losing his family.

Harbour of Hope follows Irene, Ewa and Joe as they tell of their lives from liberation to the mysterious and unsolved questions still haunting them today. The film is a moving homage to the humanism and unsung heroism that occurred throughout the darkest chapter in Europe’s history.


Magnus Gertten




Sweden, Poland

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